Mitsuo Shoji
Mitsuo Shoji is a Japanese born internationally renowned ceramist who was trained at Kyoto University, Japan. He has lived in Sydney Australia since 1978, and was a lecturer in ceramics at Sydney College of the Arts for 29 years. He retired in 2007 and is now Honorary Senior Lecturer.

Sandy Lockwood

Sandy Lockwood green tea cups, (woodfired porcelain with salt-glaze stands) Sandy Lockwood is one of Australia's leading ceramic artists, based outside Mittagong, NSW.

From the Artist: They are made from Australian clays which I blend and mix myself. The kiln is fired for two days using Australian Eucalyptus wood and coarse salt is introduced at high temperature to provide surfaces from shiny through to subtle colour flashings.

Yushi Itoh

Unusual"neri-age"(blended coloured clays) style pottery by Yushi Itoh, from Tokonoma, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

From Tokonoma: Itoh has mastered an amazing range of ceramic and glaze styles and is at present concentrating on Nerikomi, a technique in which coloured clays are blended and melded. His approach to Nerikomi produces sophisticated effects on superbly crafted vessels. In the final stage of firing salt is introduced into the kiln and this combines with silica on the surface of the pots for a soft, glossy sheen. One is tempted to think that the colours are painted on, but they are in fact the colours of the pigment-dyed clays.

Suiho Hirano

Ink-on-paper work by leading Japanese calligrapher Suiho Hirano.

From Tokonoma: At 70 Hirano looks like she is 50 – creation of beauty is an elixir of joy for her. She teaches kana calligraphy, is an active member of an association of calligraphers influenced by abstract Uno Sesson and also learns abstract art from a leading practitioner whose name she refuses to divulge, which is helping her combine elements of abstract painting with calligraphy.