• The Wine Cellar
  • TEN's fully imported climate control Wine Cellar boasts an extensive range of Australian and Imported wines.
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  • There are approximately 150 labels, including every vintage of world renowned Penfold's Grange from 1966 to 2004.
  • TEN's House Wine
  • Ten Japanese Restaurant also serves top quality house wines, especially selected to complement the menus.

2010 Ten Sauvignon Blanc, Hawkes Bay, NZ
Crisp, delicate fruit driven flavours. A great example of New Zealand sauvignon blanc which dances across the palate. perfect for sushi and sashimi.

2003 Ten Shiraz, Heathcote, Victoria
This Heathcote Shiraz displays spectacular colour, depth of flavor and balance. The vineyards are low yielding and kept in balance with the terroir. Floral notes of violets on the nose combine with raspberries and dried herbs with a hint of vanilla from the oak. Cherries, tobacco, chocolate and cedar intermingle with a driving redcurrant and spicy fruit-full palate and supportive tannins that make Heathcote Shiraz so identifiable.

  • Water
  • Guests are amazed at the selection of bottled Still and Sparkling Waters, both domestic and imported from around the globe, available at Ten. Some bottled waters are making their premier release here in Australia.
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  • TEN's Sake
  • This Junmai-Ginjo Sake is a "pure rice premium sake" brewed with only water, fermented koji and rice. Junmai-Ginjo sake tends to be light and refined, often with distinctively fruity aromas. Junmai-Ginjo sake has a faintly aromatic scent and a well balanced fragrant. This sake goes well with either light or heavy meals.
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